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Paleo Sex in a Pan

This recipe is a Paleo recreation of traditional Sex in a Pan, which is layers of pudding, cream cheese and whipped cream stacked on a sweet crust. I changed the ingredients to be dairy-free, grain-free, and refined sugar free, but still accomplished six layers of decadence! I don’t know where the name originates, but the first time I came across a recipe for Sex in a Pan was Chocolate-Covered Katie’s version. I immediately resolved to make a Paleo iteration sweetened only...
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Ras el Hanout Pizza

Pizza exposes the chip on my culinary shoulder (although let’s be honest, it’s never far from the surface). Anyone who knows me might be under the misconception that I “hate pizza” maybe because I’m always shaking my head whenever anyone wants to go to a pizza joint. However, it’s a bit more complicated than simple dislike. Pizza is like kids’ food: cheap, sloppy, inarguably delicious. It’s dough, tomato sauce, meat and cheese for crissakes… how could it be bad? Anyway,...
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