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Blog: Weekly Roundup (Whole30 Edition!)


Folks, I’m on a Whole30. If you’re not sure what a Whole30 consists of, then may I direct you to the Whole30 Mothership for more information? Click around, they’ve got plenty of resources, or dive into the week’s worth I’ve collected below. I compiled this list from the frenzy of participation that was unleashed on August 1st as what seemed like a sizable percentage of the Paleosphere began a Whole30 along with me. Misery loves company, so I’m incredibly grateful for the support of bloggers posting their menus, home cooks posting their meal recaps, and the buzz of community that’s happening on the Whole30 Facebook page. Check out some of my favorite Whole30 links thus far (we’re only five days in but who’s counting?):

Nom Nom Paleo’s Site (The Whole30 Roundup, At Least)

When I want to be nutritionally “good”, I make a recipe from Nom Nom Paleo’s site. Because as she says… she pretty much eats Whole30 compliant all year! She posted a recap in honor of this Whole30 in particular a few days ago, and I’ve been salivating ever since. Thai Curry Chicken, Paleo Sausage Egg “McMuffin” and Doro Wat (Spicy Ethiopian Chicken Stew) are all on my list of dishes to make that ensure I say on track for my cleanse goals but don’t feel deprived (a sure recipe for failure, pardon the pun). Another cool thing is that she’s done rounds of DAILY Whole30 recipe posting, so you could potentially make a Nom Nom Paleo recipe for thirty days, several times over! The woman’s energy beggars belief, so go: profit from her industry.

The Cookup Master’s Whole30 Week 1 Meal Plan

How do I love Mel? Let me count the ways:

  1. She lives in Austin, my hometown.
  2. If she didn’t invent the “cookup”… she introduced me to it, at least.
  3. She authored the amazing Well Fed.
  4. Now she’s published a Whole30 week 1 post for those of us chasing clean eating on the Whole30, and bonus! It’s got a bit of a recap at the end of it. A two-fer, is what I’m saying. Two recommendations in one.  

The Foodee Whole30 Page

I enjoy Foodee regularly, but during Whole30 days their Whole30 page rises in importance to an absolute necessity. Curated results from blogs pumping out quality recipes with real ingredients? Yes, thanks. I discover fun new Paleo bloggers via Foodee with some regularity and during the Whole30 the results are even more fun. The concentrated creativity that’s expressed here (and throughout the rest of the recommendations made here) is one of the most fun things about a taking a communal challenge. Guaranteed you’re going to experience some instances of loneliness during the Whole30, as anyone on a Standard American Diet is likely to view your efforts as evidence that you’re “that guy”. So pop over to Foodee for a look-see and make your grocery list accordingly to support stellar home-cooked meals for the next 25 days.

“I am a huge critic of diets”: A Newbie’s Whole30 Guide Work-Food

This recommendation is a few months old, but I return to it—”by Googling “whole30 owl” every time if you must know—periodically because it’s such a great take on the Whole30. With her first-timer’s perspective, Kristina provides a good quick summary of the Whole30 for an audience unfamiliar with Paleo or whole foods nutrition and then delves into the thick of it (with fridge shots! I live fridge shots). Check it out, it’s comprehensive.

Add a Stream to Your HootSuite Dashboard

You probably know what I’m going to say: add a stream with the search “whole30″. You get all kinds of results; everything on Twitter that mentions the phrase. Blog posts full of struggle and success, Instagram images, inspiration and support of all kinds. It’s amazing fun, actually. Look for a Tweet about this blog post there now!

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  1. Congratulations on tackling the Whole30! And thanks so much for the shout out. Feel free to call me the “Cookup Master” anytime :-)

    • Wow, you’re always so good about reaching out to blogs that feature your stuff… really cool. Thanks for the good wishes on the Whole30, gonna need all the luck I can get!

  2. I just now saw you mentioned my Whole30 roundup! Thank you! I’m so glad you did the Whole30, and I really hope it went well from you. Definitely changed my life!

    • “Went well” is an understatement. Sometimes I’m at the mercy of my sugar cravings so a Whole30 is hard to get into, but when I do it’s amazing.

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