Instagram Recipes

Instagram Recipes by Grok Grub (mini recipes delivered straight into your Instagram feed) |

Instagram is my favorite, I like it more than Facebook and Twitter combined! Instagram recipes are just one of the many reasons why I'm such a fan. I feel like I've hit some kind of tiny jackpot every time I see a gorgeous #foodporn photo and the recipe is posted in the caption or the comments! Sometimes, if I'm really lucky and ask very nicely, folks on Instagram will type out their recipe for me in the comments even if it's not posted originally. Instagram recipes come in all formats and levels of complexity... the fun thing is discovering them via their mouthwatering photos! I've gotten in on the fun with a few Instagram recipes of my own in the recent past. Check 'em out... I try to keep it simple when posting Instagram recipes, but since it's possible to view Instagram posts on ...

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Cheesecake Factory Crab Hash

Cheesecake Factory Crab Hash (sweet potato, onions, bell peppers, crab, eggs, Hollandaise sauce) |

I'm posting this recipe for Crab Hash as my entry in the Paleo Parents' Cheesecake Factory Paleo Recreation Roundup! Although I don't know if I can call this a "Paleo recreation" because the description of the original sounds so tasty that although I haven't eaten at a Cheesecake Factory in years (and certainly never experienced their crab hash)... I came up with this recipe that very closely fits the official description: "a delicious blend of sautéed crab, red, yellow and green peppers, onions and potatoes. topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce". I subbed in sweet potatoes for white potatoes because I'm a sucker for their sticky sweetness, but otherwise developed a recipe that keeps everything true to the original.  Check out the full Paleo ...

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Baked Bacon Cauliflower

Baked Bacon Cauliflower |

Well, folks were very enthusiastic when I posted a test shot of this concept on Instagram two weeks ago. It's a super simple idea, and I've been wondering if it would work for quite a while! I love roasted cauliflower and I love bacon, so this seemed like an obvious win-win if I could pull it off, but I know some people aren't so fond of cauliflower (I have also heard there are people who aren't so find of bacon but this is obviously a myth). I have to say, this technique certainly results in tender, flavorful cauliflower but it's mostly just damn cool: "bacon cauliflower" could mean little pieces of cauliflower wrapped in bacon, or bacon cauliflower salad, or bacon cauliflower casserole but NOPE put on your big boy pants because this is both simpler and more intense ...

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100 Paleo Valentine’s Day Recipes

100 Paleo Valentine's Day Recipes (breakfast, drinks, appetizers, entrées and desserts!) |

Healthy eating on Valentine's Day can be tricky, let alone maintaining a paleo Valentine's Day! Luckily real food is very romantic. Sure, you can eat something drowned in cream or a trussed-up confection of gluten and sugar but why not rely on the clean recipes to show you how to get it done in the kitchen on Valentine's Day without derailing your wellness goals? Love your body... that's appropriate for Valentine's Day, isn't it? Bookmark this post to be your resource, because health + happiness + Valentine's Day are compatible, I swear! Consider this your roadmap for a paleo Valentine's Day, complete with sections for breakfast (make like the fortune cookie says and do it "in bed"), drinks, appetizers, entrées and of course desserts because this is your chance to ...

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Healthy Eating Do's and Don'ts |

Healthy Eating Do’s & Don’ts from a Whole 30 First-Timer

I started Grok Grub back in 2012, in a few months it’ll be this blog’s third birthday! (Check out my very first post if you’re in need of a chuckle… there’s some seriously amateur photography). Hard to believe but in all that time, I’ve never successfully completed a Whole 30. What’s a Whole 30? It’s 30…

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Scheherazade's Cauliflower with Pomegranate, Almonds and Cinnamon |

Scheherazade’s Cauliflower with Pomegranate, Almonds and Cinnamon

This is a recipe that would make a fantastic Valentine’s Day side dish. So many times, it’s all about chocolate, candy and dessert on Valentine’s Day… but if you’re going to be making a home-cooked dinner for someone special, then consider this for your vegetables side.   When I was a little girl, one of…

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