Easy Crab Curry

Easy Crab Curry | GrokGrub.com

I'm guest-posting this Easy Crab Curry on Civilized Caveman Cooking today. Mr. George Bryant was one of the first Paleo bloggers that I discovered years ago when I began my Paleo journey to focus on cooking and eating real, whole foods that make me happy and healthy. I've been following George ever since, and had a good time meeting him last year at Nom Nom Paleo's book launch party!   Heyo! Met @civilizedcaveman at the #bulletproof coffee counter. #paleo A photo posted by Rachel (@grokgrub) on Jan 4, 2014 at 1:37pm PST Dungeness crab is one of my favorite types of seafood, the meat is so mild and sweet. Usually I buy them cracked and cleaned and prepare them with coarse salt, chili flakes, flat-leave parsley and lemon. But check out ...

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Slow Cooker African Cashew Stew

Slow Cooker African Cashew Stew (grain/dairy/sugar free, paleo) | GrokGrub.com

The idea of African peanut stew has always intrigued me as a bizarre concept, and while this cashew stew goes in a different flavor direction, it really works in its own way! I researched African "groundnut" (peanut) stew online before attempting my own variation, but most of the recipes to be found were vegetarian, if not vegan. So I decided to consult an authentic source on whether real African stew contains meat: Maddie, who works the specialty counter at my local Whole Foods Market and who hails originally from Gambia. Maddie and I got to know each other last year when I sprained my ankle. Ever tried going to the market on crutches? It's not exactly a picnic. Maddie took pity on me in those bleak days and appointed himself responsible for pushing my cart and loading up ...

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Wild Thing Texas Chili

Wild Thing Texas Chili | GrokGrub.com

The idea for this Wild Thing Texas Chili started as my answer to the "what kind of chili do you like?" question, which came up over the Christmas holiday in Texas with my family. This isn't the chili I was raised on, because that chili is not my cuppa, and almost defies description. Okra. LOTS of mustard greens or kale. Watery, too. Needless to say I never preferred that chili as a child, because aside from everything else, it's missing what I consider the essentials of the genre: No beans (this is Texas chili, after all). A deep, complex balance of sweet, bitter, hot, and fruity flavor plus a robust, meaty kick. Thick, rich red sauce to bind the other ingredients together.  That being said, let's break down how I accomplish these essentials in ...

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Shortcut Slow Cooker Curry

Shortcut Slow Cooker Curry | GrokGrub.com

Getting right down to brass tacks, because none of us have any time at all right these days (amirite?): the rich flavor of this slow cooker curry and its hands-off technique make for the perfect meal-prep situation. Load the ingredients into the slow cooker in 20 minutes flat before leaving for the office and low, slow heat does the rest while I'm gone? Sold. You could shave 3 minutes off of this and dump in a jar of pre-made curry paste, but better to mix your own spices according to this recipe and save that same three minutes by shredding the bell pepper(s) in the food processor with the sweet potato, garlic and onions instead of taking the time to cut them into strips. I kept them in strips for a bit of texture in the finished dish, but everything cooks down so much that ...

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Chocolate Gingerbread Cake (nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free) | GrokGrub.com

Chocolate Gingerbread Cake

My mother is really a paleo original. She raised my brother and me on a diet remarkably similar to the paleo nutritional template, long before “paleo” entered the national vocabulary. But more than adhering to any particular dietary dogma (she experiments with new foods and cooking methods, plus attempts reintroduction regularly) my mother insists on…

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Sweet Bread from the Paleo Eats cookbook (grain-free, dairy-free, nut-free, sugar-free) | GrokGrub.com

Paleo Eats Epic Giveaway + Sweet Bread Recipe

I have three fun things for you today: my thoughts on Paleo Eats: 111 Comforting GlutenFree, Grain-Free and Dairy-Free Recipes for the Foodie in You by Kelly of A Girl Worth Saving, plus a recipe and a group giveaway!    When new paleo cookbooks are published, sometimes I wonder what could possibly be a really new addition…

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